About me

My name is Valentina and I was born in 1987, in a small village in Romania. My story begins like this: I grew up in the countryside with my parents and grandparents where we had a small farm, land and a beautiful garden with fresh vegetables and herbs.

Many of my childhood memories are bound to homemade meals full of flavor and aromatic scents prepared mainly by my grandmother. She cooked and baked by feel, her hands knew when the dough was ready and how to season a dish without a recipe. We would always get around the table and eat dinner together, talk about our day and plan for the future. This is where I learned the value of work and the importance of cooking in a family.

When I was 11-years-old I moved in the city to receive better education. There, I finished high school and afterwards I went to University where I graduated in Biology. I've met my wonderful husband in a college camp and last year we got married. He received a great job offer in the US and therefore we moved. Since then, our lives have changed completely and in the best way possible. This is where my culinary journey really begun. I had a few things that I knew how to prepare but the idea of eating eggs and potatoes all my life was not so charming. I felt the desire to impress my new family and to develop healthy habits. So, I decided to start learning and experimenting. Every step of the way, my husband was very supportive and encouraged me and I am blessed to have him in my life. He is very creative and passionate about photography and he taught me how to best capture beautiful and expressive photos. 

When it comes to the kitchen, I am entirely self-taught, learning as I go through cookbooks, magazines, the Internet, television shows, and a enormous amount of trial and error. Soon my journey transformed into a culinary lifestyle and the blog idea was almost implicit. Through it, I want to emphasize all the benefits that home-cooking brings to the table. It plays an important part in bringing families closer together, improves your diet and gives you a complete control over the type and quality of ingredients. Another important aspect of cooking at home is that is much easier than it may seem. And if I, who hardly knew how to prepare potatoes, can cook complicated recipes, anyone can.
What you’ll find here are recipes inspired by my cultural background, favorite cuisines like French and Italian, as well as family recipes. My hope is that you leave the site with the desire to get into your kitchen and prepare what you’ve seen here and have the confidence to know that you can do it.

When I’m not in the kitchen covered in flour, you can find me reading books, exercising, jogging, riding my bike, shopping for fresh produce in a farmer's market or spending time with my husband and with my friends.

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And as Julia Child said ”This is my advice to people: Learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun”




  1. I loved reading your "About Me" intro, Valentina. So well-written and inspirational!

  2. Welcome to the US. Your Blog is Wonderful! I googled pear nectar and found your site. I will be trying some of these mouth watering recipes as soon as my leg heals from a recent accident. Blessings! Diane